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Big O Tire

Big O Tire is one of the largest franchiser of retailers of tires in North America. This franchiser has it’s headquarter in Colorado at Centennial. It operates in 21 states in the United States of America and Ca

nada. In these states, it has over 540 franchises. Basically, Big O tire sells its own brand and other brands as well. In addition to selling tires, Big O tires offer the following services;
a) It also offers basic maintenance services as well as replacement services to its clients.
b) Struts installation services
c) Brake services
d) Battery replacement services.

Big O Tire

Big O tire used to be part of the OK tire company. It split from this company in 1996 when TBC Corporation acquired it. This company is also the owner of the Tire Kingdom. It still remains a subsidiary of the BC Corporation. In 1977 Big O tire was awarded Goodyear award worth $ 19.6 million.

Over the years, this company has ensured quality products and services for its consumers. Perhaps, this is what has seen this company remain top in the market. It has almost 500 locations where consumers can access their products. Its excellent buying power is what gives this company ability to offer great prices to its consumers. This company takes customer satisfaction as its responsibility. This is why it is always determined to deliver nothing short of the best products and quality services to its customers. It is among its dedication to ensure that consumers drive happily all the time. It does not matter the brand of a car one drive, the company is always determined to deliver quality products for all of its consumers. Basically, Big O tire has gained good reputation as a community oriented company. This is because it is dedicated to provide quality, value and friendly services. It is always dedicated to deliver the best when it come to wheels and tire products. These come along with car services which have remained unparalleled to none. Its many locations have made this company able to serve more customers.

To ensure that it continue offering quality services to its customers, this company offer training to its franchisees. The training is always available at the company’s headquarter. It lasts for four weeks. It is also offered at the location of a franchisee. This lasts for two weeks during the opening. It also offers ongoing support to the franchise. This comes in the form of;

a) Meetings
b) Newsletters
c) Phone call services which are toll-free
d) Safety or security procedures
e) Grand opening
f) Internet
g) Purchasing cooperatives
h) Field evaluations or operations

It also offers marketing support. This is usually done through regional advertising, ad slicks, and co-op advertising and national media. There are franchisees who own several units. The franchise agreement has a term of ten years but it is renewable. The success of this company can be attributed to its quality products and services. In addition, the aggressiveness depicted by Big O tire when it comes to marketing has also played a bid role in seeing the company reach its current lucrative position.

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